ISBU2YOU is coming to a town near you!

April 3, 2009

It’s actually very simple…

“The only reason to hire an architect or architectural designer is to improve your life, whether it’s creating a more beautiful home or a more professional office.  The practice of Architecture is dedicated to creating a space you deserve – a space that’s healthier for you, responds to the way you live and work, and one that inspires you to your fullest potential.”

ISBU2YOU is dedicated to raising “Shipping Container technology” to a new level. We believe that families must live in homes. We believe that the economy and the housing crisis have made this almost impossible to a large sector of the population.

The basic concept of “alternative housing” is to offer an affordable home that places a high priority on quality, design, energy efficiency, health and sustainability rather than “bells & whistles” that can drive the price of new construction out of reach from the majority of home buyers.

Shipping containers, called ISBU‘s when repurposed as construction elements, provide the potential for doing exactly that.

The majority of consumers today flipping through the pages of Dwell magazine and similar publications are dreaming of modern,  green homes that are out of reach for them on average incomes. Most are earning median incomes well below six figures. They can not qualify for subsidized housing nor can they afford the green and modern homes that are being sold for half a million dollars and up.

Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading!

If you’re not in that upper income bracket, the only options are to purchase a new construction home of poor quality and design or to purchase an old home and go about the often expensive task of rehabbing it themselves to fit their tastes.

We kept thinking that there had to be a better way. And there is;

ISBU2YOU will unveil several homes as a tribute to working families that are not being currently served by America’s developers and contractors.

The homes are greatly simplified by reducing the footprint, stripping down the finishes to  more “basic”  levels and arranging the layouts so that they function in a very efficient manner. This doesn’t mean “ugly” or cheap. It means that materials will be carefully chosen for functions, aesthetics, and cost effectiveness.

A high priority is placed on the modern architectural design as well as the most cost effective green building materials and methods in order to provide the greatest value at the lowest price.

The majority of the construction budget is focused on providing the best envelope and mechanical design as these are not features that can be easily upgraded by the homeowner in the future.

Meanwhile, exposed concrete and plywood flooring and sheathing are used in order to keep the price of aspects of the home down, so that it can be easily upgraded by the homeowner to suit their own evolving tastes in the future.

Adding bamboo flooring, new tile, higher-end appliances and cabinets are all things that can easily be done by a homeowner in the future while increasing the insulation levels and increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system are not easily accomplished by the DIY’er.

ISBU2YOU‘s mission is to promote a better way of living by constantly gaining and passing on knowledge that will benefit you.  This knowledge entails being aware of your needs and desires, knowing effective sustainable strategies that will create a healthier environment, and implementing high tech software and tools created to to better convey the design (thus saving you money).  The end result is “created space”  that’s good for the environment but also incredibly good for you.

It’s this pursuit of learning and sharing that enables ISBU2YOU to design great architecture that you deserve.

ISBU2YOU is passionate about following the latest trends and strategies pertaining to sustainable design and business practices, so in order to provide up to date information on these facets of architecture we’ll  post links to multiple references on the ISBU2YOU blog.

These references will include sources about sustainability and websites that will  educate and inspire you.

Look for our


on April 25th, 2009!

We thought that we’d be ready by April 15th, but bureaucracy moves slowly in these parts. Never trust a lawyer to get things done on time, unless you are holding him at gunpoint! 🙂


  1. What a relief to find a site that is new & in touch with the reality of the average joe’s real life! I wish the best for the major partner’s health issues.

    Many designs I’ve seen helped inspire ideas I have in mind (& in pencil on paper), but I need to put them on computer. What software have you found works best with the combined drawing formats that would be required? Also, it seems the drawings offered at ISBN News would be required. Is this correct, or is that info readily available elsewhere?

    I look forward to seeing more & watching this site grow. Thanks & good luck!,


    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your kind wishes. We, as you, wish the same!

      The use of ISBUs as construction material really is an “average Joe” kind of application. We see them as a huge boon to families everywhere. Now, if we could just get lenders and local Planning and Zoning Nazi’s to have that same vision! 😦

      Here at ISBU2YOU, we use Autocad. However, most “average Joe’s” are using Google SketchUp. I’d urge you to use any program that creates a universal DWG or DXF type file, so that you can exchange it with others.

      There are places beyond ISBN News where detail drawings can be found. In fact, we’re working on a post that will provide much of that data.

      Stay tuned.

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