Corten Chameleons!

June 15, 2009

Last time, we talked about how Corten Steel Containers, used by the shipping industry, have revolutionized building and construction…

Today, we’re going to look at the many different ways these wonderful boxes have been used, to achieve success in areas other than delivering Chinese TV’s to WalMart!

Here’s some of the uses, to date:

Storage Boxes


safe, vandal proof
– Products
– Instant warehouse
– Construction supplies
– Farm equipment
– Security storage
– Home storage sheds

PreFab Construction


pre-modified units
– Construction offices
– Work shops, home
– Work shops, business
– Sales offices
– Laboratories
– Shower modules
– Restrooms & Toilets
– Kitchens
– Canteens
– Business Kiosks
– Classrooms
– Refrigerators / Freezers
– Emergency Housing
– Emergency Office
– Computer Data Centers

– Garages
– Recreation Vehicles

Modular Construction Blocks


multiple container units
– Housing, traditional architecture

– Housing, low income
– Apartments
– Condominiums
– Campus housing
– Mountain homes
– Trendy homes
– Office buildings
– Storage units
– Multi-car garages
– Commercial U-Store type storage units
– Emergency Shelters

Benefits of ISBU construction

– Strongest building construction on the planet
– Earthquake proof
– Fire proof
– Tornado / Hurricane proof
– Strong non-corrosion Corten steel
– Extreme security
– Recyclable – Green construction and modifications
– Saves trees
– Unibody construction
– Ideal for multiple floors and levels
– Fast construction
– Exceeds U.S. Building Codes
– Easily adapted to Prefab automation
– Easily adapted to Custom homes
– Economically covered with traditional stucco, vinyl siding, woods, or brick

Gives you something to think about, doesn’t it?

Stay tuned, because we’re going to do an “in-depth” exploration of the potential of ISBU’s, and then… we’re going to start building homes. Play your cards right, and one of them may end up being yours!


One comment

  1. Hello and thanks, I own one ISBU and property in California Los Angeles County and would like to buils my home from ISBU’s Would you help me to find an architect in Southern California?
    And is anyone compiling a list of mortgage lenders that are familiar with this type of construction and loan?
    Thanks, as I learn I will share. LJ

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